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Soundtracks to Life’s Songs

On a bass addiction high,

In my front seat I ride,

With my mirror pointed to my face,

I get my morning rush of all out bass,

I glide through traffic an outer water sub,

I turn Mondays into a Friday night club,

My lips are red, they match them lights,

I’m reeking bass,

Like Friday night.


On my sofa I lay out to dry,

I hit repeat and then lay out to cry,

I agree with the words, see no difference in sight,

Me and that singer musta dated the same man…. Alright,

I reach over and pour a bitter red into my glass

Then let sorrow fill up the room like show-stopping sass,


I’ve felt it all on the back of a beat,

There is a soundtrack to everything

that is sure to be.

*Poem read for Thursday’s Sisters in Harmony Radio Program

Copyright © 2012 Nichelle Calhoun

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One comment on “Soundtracks to Life’s Songs

  1. gladiuspoeticus
    July 5, 2012

    Yeah man, girl! Great poem, Nichelle. Maybe you could add the link of the Radio sound track, so we can enjoy the read as well? Thanks!

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